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One of the world's leading experts on resilience and wellbeing.

Dr. Sood is the creator of the Resilient Option program and executive director of the Global Center for Resiliency and Wellbeing. He was not only a professor of medicine but also held the position of Chair for student life and wellness at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Sood has presented at some of the highest impact forums like, TEDx, Lake Nona, Forbes Under 30 Forum, Conference Board, Beckers, YPO, NPR, NAMI, NBGH, NASA, keynotes for Fortune 500 companies, universities, foundations, and others.

Dr. Sood has authored or co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed articles, editorials, book chapters, abstracts and letters. He developed the first Mayo Clinic iPhone app for meditation training. He has also authored multiple books including The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living, The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness, Immerse: A 52-Week Course in Resilient Living, Mindfulness Redesigned for the Twenty-First Century, Stronger, SMART with Dr. Sood, 2021: Your Year of Healing, and That Makes Sense: Bite-sized resilience insights to lift your day.

Dr. Sood serves as member of the Everyday Health Wellness Advisory Board.

Recognized as the "Biggest Impact Maker" in healthcare.

Dr Sood is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions:

Distinguished Service Award –Mayo Clinic 2010
Innovator of the Year Award – Mayo Clinic 2010
Outstanding Physician Scientist Award – Mayo Clinic 2013
Faculty of the Year Award – Mayo Clinic 2016
Top 20 Intelligent Optimist in the world - Ode Magazine
Health Care Pioneer - RWJ Foundation in 2015

The science behind Resilient Option modules

Through short engaging videos, quizzes, and a blend of science, stories and skills, each of our 4 modules takes you a step closer to fostering a resilient mind, helping you get the most out of life.

Mindful Presence
Resilient Mindset

Our Team

Resilient Option is powered by a team of highly experienced professionals. A team that comes with diverse talents and yet is united by a common vision to foster the enhancement of resilience and well-being in individuals.

Our Collaborators

The experts who have helped hone Resilient Option into one of the finest programs of its kind, with their extensive experience and contributions in the domain of mental health and resilience.

Bridget Berkland
Sandhya Chandna
Sherry S. Chesak
R.N. Ph.D.
Susanne M., Cutshall
R.N. Ph.D.
Ed Spilg, M.D.
Deirdre R. Pachman, M.D.
Scott Koon, M.A.

Covered by leading publications & media houses.

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